Below are a few of the many features you can expect with your Spektrum Wellness membership.

Access Spektrum Wellness from anywhere!

Our comprehensive platform is easily accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Continue your wellness objectives from anywhere in the world.
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Spektrum Wellness Personal Health Assessment

Personal Health Assesment

Every new member takes a quick personal health assessment to determine a starting point for their personalized wellness program. Built-in artificial intelligence gathers the information needed to generate this unique program.

Spektrum Wellness Health Assessment Report

Health Assessment Report

Members will receive a “Wellness Score” from 0-100 and shown health risk factors. Wellness workshops and top rated behavior changes will be recommended to improve your overall health risks.

Spektrum Wellness Shopping List

Shopping Lists

Meal plans are created based on your risk factors and health goals. Printable shopping lists are easily generated to help you be more efficient at the grocery store.

Spektrum Wellness Food Log

Food Log

Keep track of everything you eat and drink. Easily monitor where you stand each day with calorie count and food servings.  Quick-click water and fruit & veggie trackers are available on your home screen.

Spektrum Wellness Exercise Plan

Exercise Plans

Choose from a variety of pre-made exercise routines or create your own exercises and compile your own routines. You will also be able to log all exercise and import activity with wearable devices.

Spektrum Wellness Exercise Examples

Exercise Examples

Get easy to follow video examples and explanations of a variety of upper body, lower body, core and stretching exercises.

Spektrum Wellness Health Library

Health Library

Search any health topic to receive articles, treatment options, and informative videos. Check your symptoms or read decision tools when it comes to major health issues.

Spektrum Wellness Device INtegration

Device Integration

Connect your favorite devices to track your activities. Watches, wearables etc. The list of compatible devices will constantly be expanding!

The HealthyNow Mobile App

If you’re already a member, go download the HealthyNow app. This will connect to your Spektrum Wellness program so you can log vital information.

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HealthyNow App